Welcome to the BRANCE Diary and our brand new website. 

With BRANCE (coming from Brands + Enhance), our goal is to improve the lives of billions of people around the world. 

Especially in the last 12 months we have become even more aware of how important a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is on all levels, including nutrition, exercise, habits, mindset, communication and in personal interaction with our environment for a healthy, happy and fulfilling future on our planet. 

With BRANCE and all products that can achieve more positive impact in our world through BRANCE Startup Studio, we want to make our contribution.

To this end, BRANCE as a Startup Studio provides the platform for digital self-care products that address this challenge from different perspectives. Within the BRANCE Startup Studio, we pool our years of experience and knowledge from the fields of digital product development, organizational development, as well as our market insights, and make this available to each other and between the individual products to get the most out of our new learnings and further amplify our impact towards our shared vision. We also equip digital self-care companies in the BRANCE Startup Studio with the growth venture capital they need.

Here in the Diary, we will keep you regularly updated on news, learnings, insights and announcements. 

We’re super excited and eager for the time ahead, and enjoy every day working together on our team of intrigued entrepreneurs and talent to achieve our challenging goals and milestones – and we’re excited to share our experiences and learnings with you here. 

In the BRANCE Identify section, you’ll find more details about our Purpose, Vision, Values and BRANCE Founder Team. 

In our Portfolio, we gather more information about the self-care brands in the BRANCE Startup Studio. 

And last but not least, I’d like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to our open positions. We are looking for enthusiastic, growth-oriented and self-driven talent to join us on our BRANCE mission. We will keep our job openings updated here. 

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In this sense, stay tuned, stay healthy and see you soon!

Florian & the BRANCE Team

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