“I worked 18 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday, I didn’t care about nutrition and I didn’t do any sports” – Ben Bak

Starting with the co-founding and development of the local social network dampfer.net in Saxony, the establishment of the SMS platform smstrade in DACH, the wild and worldwide rollercoaster ride with the dating app LOVOO, to his inspiring experiences in a monastery in Thailand, and most recently the enriching experiences of fasting and the founding of the app Fastic, Ben now shares for the first time his very personal experiences during his almost 20-year journey in digital business – and, how he has now found his very own path to a healthy and fulfilled life in addition to professional success – exclusively in the OMR Podcast.

Be curious about numerous exciting insights and impressions Ben has gathered on his way as an entrepreneur, what motivates him, inspires him and what in his eyes makes a successful product that moves the hearts of millions of people and positively influences their behavior. 

Listen in now, on your favorite channel:

Here’s the article from OMR: 

And now the journey continues! Together in the BRANCE team with our amazing colleagues, partners, and companions, we have set as our next common milestone helping billions of people on our planet live healthy and fulfilling lives. 

We are excited and wish you a healthy and fulfilling time!

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