At BRANCE, we are full of fascination, passion and urge to change the world for the better. We want to inspire and enable billions of people to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. We love what we do. Every day!

The strategy of BRANCE includes co-founding, investing and building up ventures that follow the purpose of BRANCE and contribute to its vision to positively influence billions of people’s lives for the better.

We developed a unique playbook that serves a clear success path for our strategy and provides clear priority for the right ideas driven by the right people.

We are continuously evaluating innovative approaches to come closer to our challenging vision even earlier.

We love to work with fascinating and passionate people who also want to make the world a better place and create tremendous impact. We love to leverage new and innovative digital technologies, to exchange ideas in our network and to let other people grow beyond themselves.

The purpose of BRANCE is to help humanity lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

This is what drives our hearts and souls and what fuels our actions. We strongly believe in the urging necessity of humanity to draw more focus on how all of us lead our lives. The necessity of more mindfulness and awareness of how we interact with each other, with our environment and – with ourselves. 

Just think of the oxygen mask in airplanes. Only if we have enough air to breathe ourselves, we can help the person next to us. Only if we are healthy in our bodies, our souls and our hearts, we can take care of a healthy world around us. Only if we are feeling fulfilled in our lives, we can truly give love and contribute to the fulfilled lives of our beloved ones.