BRANCE is a platform of self-care ventures which are united by both their common culture as well as their common urge to positively influence the lives of billions.

BRANCE acts as an active co-founder and investor and builds the start-up from scratch together with the founders. Reach out to us, if you want to join our mission as a founder or founder team.

For ventures that are being grown up on the platform or join the platform on a later stage, multiple benefits arise that maximize their probability of huge success and positive impact on the world.

We love fascinated people, who share our passion for world changing products and technologies. With our values of Fascination, Growth and Self-Responsibility we shape the foundation of our culture and derive all our actions and decisions from those clear boundaries.

For both our existing ventures as well as for our new market opportunities we are continuously looking for talents who want to join our journey. We are looking for founders, leaders and specialists in several areas. Proactive applications are welcome, as they pay into the Self-Responsibility value. 

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